Below is some information to help you as you approach Medicare eligibility. Ultimately, the best way for me to serve you is to meet, go over your situation and review your options together. If you are ready to plan your transition call me to schedule an appointment. Here is my cell phone # 405-408-7741, you can also email me at

Local Educational Events.

Join me for an in-person educational event! Events are held monthly at the Edmond Francis Tuttle.

Resources for your Medicare transition.

I am very passionate about education, I believe it leads to a confident Medicare insurance decision. Some people like to start planning a year before their transition and some don’t even want to think about it until they must. Whichever category you fall in, I can coach you to the finish line!

As an independent insurance agent, we will be able to review your insurance options without any agenda from me. The first major decision you have to make is between a Supplement/Medigap plan or Advantage plan. I am not a fan of Medicare insurance ultimatums stating one option is the best for everyone. Medicare insurance is a very individual decision.

Many of the disappointments about insurance are a result of not understanding what is covered and what is not. You can choose to plan for that however suits you, but it is important to know to prevent any surprises later.

When should you start preparing?

Your 65th birthday is just around the corner.  Happy Birthday! That means now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation with me to help you prepare your transition into Medicare.  In fact, the ideal time to start discussing Medicare with your independent advisor is 3-6 months before your birthday month.

The shift to Medicare will make your choices very individualized as you move away from group and family plans.  Sometimes even husbands and wives will have different Medicare plans through different companies.  My goal is to help put your mind at ease as you age into Medicare, as well as help you find the right plan for your unique needs.

When we meet for our one-on-one consultation, we will discuss your life circumstances and I will gather some information to help you make an informed decision on which plan is right for you.

As you prepare for our consultation, here are a sample of some questions we’ll consider:

  • Do you have your Medicare Part A and Part B?
  • Are you planning to continue working, or do you plan to retire?
  • What doctors and specialists are important to you?
  • Do you plan to travel a lot?
  • Could you qualify for Medicaid, Extra Help, or Low-Income Subsidies?
  • Are you a military veteran or the widow/widower of a military veteran?

Contact me today to schedule your personal consultation. My services are completely free to you. I would love to use my training and resources as an Independent Medicare Advisor to help you through the process of enrolling in Medicare!

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