Choose the Right Medicare Insurance Advisor For You

You’ve decided to partner with an independent Medicare advisor to help you make sure that your Medicare plan meets your unique needs. Now what? How do you find an advisor that will work well with you? Here are some things to consider:

How to choose a medicare insurance agent1. Find an advisor that will educate you.

As Medicare advisors, it is our job to make sure you understand original Medicare and the difference between your two main plan options: Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans.   There are many ways to educate clients. This can be done through public education events, one-on-one consultations, and over the phone discussions.  

I believe education and empowerment to make the right plan choices is very important. I have an excellent workbook that is available to anyone for free! You can request one here.

2. Choose an advisor that will ask you a lot of questions.

If an agent is truly interested in serving you and helping you navigate through all of the available options, they need to have a good picture of your unique situation. There is no one size fits all company or plan.  I have a thorough, but brief, worksheet that we will work through during your consultation. This helps me greatly narrow down the best options available to you. These consultations are always free and no obligation.

3. Find someone who will truly listen to you.

You may have invested a lot of time doing your research and planning for your visit with your agent.  Find an agent that will take the time to listen to your concerns before they start their pitch.  I meet with a lot of individuals, but everyone’s story is unique and I love to listen because I want to know what is important to you as we navigate your plan options.

4. Find a local agent. 

Finding a local agent that you can build a relationship with will make your insurance experience so much more enjoyable! A local independent agent is also going to offer you increased knowledge on what is available to you, insight on local doctors, and other providers and resources. I try to meet with as many clients face to face, because I believe in being accessible to my clients, and I love to build trust with them. I love the great state of Oklahoma and serving my fellow Okies!

5. Choose an advisor who is willing to build a relationship with you.

How to choose a medicare insurance agent

Connecting with a new client is such an exciting experience. Part of why I love this industry is that it brings new people into my life everyday. Personal connection is so important. I want my clients to know that they always have me “in their back pocket” when they have an insurance question. Plus, choosing a Medicare plan isn’t a one time event. You may need to make changes over time. I reach out to my customers annually to see if there are any changes that need to be made.